2 August 2012
FIRST RUN: the teachers Applaud

The path of the project participants of the «NucKids» to "The Stations of a Dream" continues and the guys have overcome another milestone - the first run. The artists gathered acts that have rehearsed before separately into one complete play. The result impressed guys, teachers and project supervisors.

"Phew, even a shirt is wet" - said Eugene Egorov after the play. It is not surprising because in choreographic acts all were doing their best. The powerful energy of a live performance was passed on to an adult audience, and at the end even strict teachers were applauded to guys. After the show, Alexei Frandetti congratulated the participants and the project team with the first run, saying that there are a lot that needed to be worked out but the first run was very good.

Choreographer Maksim Nedolechko, praised artists and asked to draw attention to the careful and attentive usage of the decorations. Maxim advised artists not to relax. He is thinking that the play is ready on 70% and in nearest days it will be intense rehearsal. Singing teacher Albina Seydametova and artistic director Timothy Riabushinskii added some remarks too.

Project manager Anna Trapeznikova was less strict. "Today we have seen a great play and guys did very well," - said Anna Sergeyevna.

Encouraged by the first success and fiery play guys was running to the camp houses. Next day they will come back to made a new step – the premiere in the "Orlenok".