8 August 2012
The first tour of the project «NUCKIDS» through RUSSIA took place in Volgodonsk.

The four years project «Nuclear kids» every year shows its own growth. In 2012 «NucKids» not only expanded the geography of participants, but also went on a two-week tour, which will be holding in five cities of Russia and Hungary: Volgodonsk, Kurchatov, Moscow, Budapest and Zanko. The first city in which young artists and the musical «The station of a Dream» was Volgodonsk.


Despite the fact that it is the first tour for most of novice artists, the guys have shown as professionals by starting the first rehearsal just after arriving in the city. The warm welcome made a good mood of participants. Despite the fact that «NucKids» not yet acquired a lot of fans, the buses in Volgodonsk were met by the past project participants. One of them, 17-year-old Dmitry Simonov, who took part in the project in 2009 and 2010 and entered the GITIS this year, wants to associate his life with the theater. According to Dima it is the project «Nuclear kids» which helped to make this professional choice.

Dima said "I was planning to apply for a computer science, but during my participating in the « NucKids » I realized that it was not mine. If not the project, I would never have learned how I am fond of the scene. Generally «NucKids» gave me a lot of life experiences and friends. And it is teachers who often open abilities, about which you have never been thinking.”

Many participants of the project know today what the love of the public is even if they still need to pass the exams in universities. The contemporary story of Romeo and Juliet was met with the burst of applause by Volgodonsk audience. Especially it was nice to see the guys from their native city, who were able to pass the hard casting and to be in the project this year, such as: Oleg Levchenko, and Dasha Perfiliev Mary Simon, who decided to follow her brother Dmitri.

"The guys from Volgodonsk are the permanent members of the project, so this year we decided to show the musical" The station of a Dream » to the local audience. Prior to this, the project was taking place only in foreign countries, and it is the first time when we are going to our atomic city "- said project manager Anna Trapeznikova.

The Acting Deputy Head of Rostov NPP Alexander Bushnev and Deputy Mayor of Volgodonsk Natalia Polishchuk congratulated children with the premiere performances. They thanked the guys for a wonderful performance, which was a great occasion for the nuclear city.

"Our scene has seen many talents, but so bright, fiery musical for the first time. The «NucKids» proves that if you are united by a common idea there is no matter what nationality you are, what color of skin you have.  It is wonderful that such project exists "- said Natalia Polishchuk.


While the participants were making surprises to the residents of Volgodonsk by talents on stage, the project organizers were responding to questions from the press. The «NucKids» has no analogues in Russia according to the director Alexei Frandetti who is a producer of the project. This fact attracted journalists. At the press conference, the project manager Anna Trapeznikova and Alexei Frandetti, choreographer Maxim Nedolechko have been answering to the questions about ideology, educational functions of the project, about combination of work and leisure in the work schedule, and how foreign participants have been attracted into such huge group.

"It is interesting to observe the communication of children from India and South Korea, who made a lot of good friends. Have seen recently how the Indian guy said something in Korean, and they responded to it in Indian. Such scenes are really touching "- said Maxim Nedolechko.

The press was interested the most in rehearsal schedule in the "Orlenok" and how the children and the creative team were managed to put on a show for 18 days. The organizers said that they had their own secrets.

All sites in the «Orlenok” are located not close to each, so the director Alexei Frandetti even had to buy a bicycle to move more quickly through the camp," - said project manager Anna Trapeznikov.

I couldn’t spend a lot of time in the sea, but while was walking from one sites to another took a nice tan. Now residents of Volgodonsk look at me with interest and become very surprised when I start speaking in Russian without an accent, "- said Maxim Nedolechko.

After the performance the young artists took their buses and left the hospitable Volgodonsk. The residents of Kurchatov see "Station of a  Dream "in 10August, 14 August nuclear artists perform at the theater« Et cetera »in Moscow, and 16 and 19 August the musical meet the residents of Budapest in Hungary and Zanki.

Natalia Gubareva, especially for the site NucKids.ru