12 August 2012
SHOW MUST GO ON: « The station of a Dream "in KURCHATOV

The most musical children's art project «Nuclear kids» is continuing tour through Russia. And if it was recently steppe of Rostov outside of the window, just a day after landscape turned to a green landscape of a Black Earth, where there is another nuclear city - Kurchatov. The only unchanged thing is that how inhabitants of the nuclear cities meeting «NucKids».

"AFTER« NUCKIDS » all is possible

Kurchatov is a city that annually replenishes «NucKids» by talent members, young artists were met by the participants of previous years. Those who could not come to the bus came to a rehearsal, and of course to the performance. Eugene Pykhtina, participant of 2009-2010, who was unable to qualify due to the age (17 years old) this year remembering about the project «NucKids» with nostalgia.

"When I was going to the project for the first time, I thought:" Cool! Going to the "American Idol" will be shown on TV! ". But no such luck. We had to work a lot, but I learned to sing and dance. I got the vocal skills and stage speech. I am thinking about the second education in directing, or to try on television. After «NucKids» all is possible "- smiling Jack.

After the project Eugene began not only to feel more freely on the stage, but also often receive visitors and travel alone. This year, his project friends from Volgodonsk and Ozersk came to him to Kurchatov. Eugene just has recently returned from Zarechny where was staying with one of the participants of «NucKids-2009."

BETTER then "the factory of stars»

While previous participants were meeting with novices, the project participants from Kurchatov were hugging with family and friends. Colleagues of youth creative associations and teachers came to support Lyamtsev Anastasia, Anastasia Nasibullina, Daniel Cherednichenko and Anastasia Konstantinova. Nastya Nasibullina was surrounded by a crowd of girls with roses before the concert. Many of them have been participating in the casting «NucKids», but this year's they weren’t lucky. However, it hadn’t been an apple of discord. The girls were sincerely happy to see how the face of their friend showed her happiness.

By the way, Anastasia at first could not believe in her luck when she has heard that she would be a participant of the project. The first year on the project did not fail her expectations.

"It's a paradise for children and I am very happy to be here. Here we are friends with children from other countries and living as one family, "- says the girl.

 The atmosphere during the performance and after was full of friendship and unity. And the word "rose" before the show could be rhyme with the word "tears" at the end. Many of the children who were congratulating the guys were crying.

 Adults of the "Station of a Dream "" were touched too. Government Deputy of the Kursk region, Anatoly Gunmen, who were congratulate the guys with the premiere of the show, said that statement  about the wasted generation lose any sense after the  performance on the  «NucKids»

«NucKids» is better than «The fabric of the stars", "- said the mayor of Kurchatov Igor Korpunkov.

Directorof Kursk NPP Vyacheslav Fedyukin and Chairman of Kursk Duma Victor Karamyshev also thanked the guys for a great show, which could be great not only to the scene of atomic cities but regional centers too. Project organizers promised to consider this opportunity in the future.

"We are united"

While the adults are making plans, the children are living in the present and enjoying their first big tour.

I was with my dance group before only on tour in close towns. Tour of the «NucKids» is a different scale, the people here from Russia, and foreign countries are very sociable and friendly "- says Maxim Kazakov from Zheleznogorsk.

 Tour and feel the scene sometimes make him feel like a real artist. Mostly Max can feel it in the camp "Orlenok.

"The audience was great. Especially I can remember the moments when they were groaning. It was touched for us too. It was cool, "- said Maxim.

Sonya Rivkina from Sosnovii Bor can add that the audience energy gives a drive and a feeling of euphoria.

 "It is very important when the audience reacted to every detail, laugh after jokes, or upset in the sad moments. Then you can feel that your efforts weren’t for nothing. "- says Sonia.

"Emotions” is the key word of description the tour and the project – told Maxim Kyzyltan from Turkey. Participation in «NucKids» gave him not only a professional experience, but also a new opinion of Russia, which Maxim, now calls "my country." In addition, the project opened for Max new feeling which he haven’t experience yet.

 "I have never thought that I could feel and act as a family with strangers. And here we are just a one family "- said Maxim.

 On Sunday, after meeting with the Kurchatov, the «NucKids» continued their journey. Now they are going "to Moscow! To Moscow! ", where will be the most important play in the theater« Et cetera ». And, of course, there will be new emotions.