13 August 2012
The Stars of the Kremlin, the Galaxy and «NUCKIDS»

Moscow, the train, an art, performances, dreams all this are the words that have become a leitmotif not only for the musical "Metro of a Dream ", but for the entire project« NucKids-2012. ". The participants like the characters in the play arrived in the capital where a lot of them were dreaming to come one day. But appositively to the scenario in real life Moscow met the guys from nuclear cities with open arms. And the first day «NucKids» in the main city of the country was dedicated to spend acquainting with its enormous capacity and cultural richness.


Tour program prepared by the project organizers began from sightseeing Moscow. The main aim was to show in a couple of hour the ancient capital city with a rich history which rapidly develops.  It was not easy task, but the guys, who prepared professional musical in 18 days, are not afraid of difficulties. The tour was great. Especially participants who were in Moscow for the first time were full of emotions - Yegor Kasheev Maxim Kazakov, Ksenia Krivoshein twins Dasha and Natasha Nikolaevy, who literally did not let a camera from their hands.

There was a lot what could be memorized: the exchange of a guard in the Alexander Garden, visiting Red Square and the Vorobievy hills, the meeting with the City, the home at Mosfilm and other examples of modern architecture in Moscow. During the walk it appeared that guys are more interested in modernity than history. And if on a question "When Lenin died?" nobody could answer, the Red Square and the Kremlin as the heart of the new Russia, "hook" kids for real. The children have seen even more than the tour guide was trying to show them.

"I had a look in the president's office," - solemn declared Maxim Lyzlov while was leaving the Alexander Garden. And he continued: "It is true! There were staying two serious guards. It should be a president office for sure. "

"How many parks, squares, bright boulevards and how I have been living without them" - the guys were singing, walking in the Alexander Garden. "Let all listen, we're in the capital" - smiled Maxim Kazakov.

Spheres, nebulae, galaxies, stars,

After the guys have seen the stars on the Kremlin they had a chance to know the real starts. Even sun couldn’t disturb them from such view, because the recently opened Moscow planetarium can make the stars to go to the sky by the wish of visitors. Guides familiarized children with various models of sun-clock, reminded about solar system. The children learned what the difference between Armilyarnaya sphere and planesfery, learned that there is the plain Maiden on the Venus and the canyon of Baba Yaga, and why the collision of galaxies Andromeda and the Milky Way, despite internet horror stories, wouldn’t be in nearest three billion years.

Then young artists, who are naturally more emotional than rational, were forced to remember the physical laws and formulas in lunarium. The boys could try themselves as natural scientists and independently deduce the laws of the universe by using special models. The most active one were Leo Suslov, Lyamtseva Nastya, Sasha Nikolaev, Anton Loban, Jana Samorukova Masha Perfilieva, Eugene Matveev, Eugene Melnichenko and Eugene Popov. They had tried all equipment.

"It is my favorite physics" - said Eugene Popov, answering on the question why she was interested in the planetarium.

Despite the fact that in the humanities, arts and the hard sciences achievements the girls are the same, the professional choice she wants to make it in favor of the physics and chemistry. And the entrance into the university is far Eugenia simply enjoy the creativity on «NucKids».

Moscow lunarium impressed foreign participants too, who had an excursion in English. All took words of guide differently. While the 10-year-old Korean Lim Sihen was trying to ask questions, Kim Jung Doo was more thoughtfully listening. In the instrument consisted of the special tubes, which demonstrate the power of sound, were shouting the favorite acts with foreigners - "Superkalifredgelistikecpialidoushes."

Kalia Kalcheva from Bulgaria was looking through the models of lunarium independently.

 "I really like this place, here is very interesting. Before that I have been in the largest planetarium in London, but it can’t be compared, they are very different. I have learned a lot today, "- Kalia shared her impressions.

The last step after gymnastics for the brain was circus on the colored Boulevard. On the 14 of August will be a premiere of the musical "The station of a Dream ", which will be held in the theater« Et cetera ». And there will be a stars too- the stars of the project «NucKids».

The city with continuity

The opportunity to visit other cities and countries is a real advantage of profession artists. Project «NucKids» often use this opportunity. This year, the nuclear kids went to one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe - Budapest, where they came to look at people and to show their work - the musical "Metro of a Dream".


"Budapest is a city whose history can be read in the architecture, as the age of the tree by the rings on the cut stem" - opened the excursion guide Maria.

The delight was increasing while the bus was going up from the plains of Pest to the Buda on the hilly part. The buildings of nineteenth century were flashed through the window, the longest tram in Europe was moving somewhere, and the green-eyed bus was winking.  The city were presented guests their generous gifts such as a sunny Heroes Square, sunset from the observation deck at the Parliament. Some presents seemed to be specially prepared by Budapest for «NucKids». And here also the juggler, who just has made a performance at a pedestriancrossing is already running to cars to exchange smiles on coins.

"Be careful while crossing the red cycling path, cyclists are very aggressive, and if you are hit, it will be your fault "- smiled guide.

Basil, Matthias Church ...

- What about roads paved by the Roman project? It was them who made it? - Asked Sonya Riwkina.

- Well, Nothing survived from the period of the Romans. But it is their idea”- Mary smiling.


Of course, it is impossible to study the history of Budapest in one day as to make a professional musical in eighteen days. And if nuclear guys wouldn’t name all the rulers from the colonnade the atmosphere of the ancient and at the same time the young city will take with themselves.

And the emotional memory of Budapest is different from images in the pictures, magnets and postcards. And everyone will have its own memory.

"And why architecture is so similar to Peter?" - Asked the project choreographer Maksim Nedolechko who grew up in St. Petersburg.

"Reminding France ... A little», - said Loew Suslov after a couple of minutes looking at the city from the observation deck.

 And If Paris is a holiday that is always with you; Budapest is a history that will definitely continue for those who've been here at least once.

Nevertheless a ring is a beautiful symbol.