16 August 2012
“The station of a dream” in Moscow

"Moscow" is the word which include everything for the project  participants «NucKids-2012" - from the plot of the musical "Metro of a Dream "to  desire to go to the Moscow stage. At August 14 a wish came true for the children. In the theater «Et cetera» was a premiere of the musical "The station of a Dream " which demonstrated the talent of nuclear guys.

It is well known that the status of artist is indentifying not only by the talent but also by the place where artist was performed. Despite the young age and lack of professional acting experience, the guys from the «NucKids» had an opportunity to go on Stage  of the Theater «Et cetera», where are performing such well-known actors as Alexander Kalyagin, Tatyana Vladimirova, Maxim Leonidow, Yuri Mazihin. The responsibility didn’t fetter children, but rather made them feel opposite. According to the lead actors Darya Antoniuk and Leo Suslov it was a pleasure to play in a great hall for a sensitive audience.

"We were feeling the same warm from the public only in Kurchatov and Moscow. It is a great feeling when you are standing on a stage and can feel the energy of the audience. It is very inspiring "- says Dasha.

"In the" Orlenok "audience was great, but wasn’t quite ready for serious play, which we were performing. Today the audience was amazing and we wanted to do our best. "- said Lion Suslov.

According to Leo, who was playing the most difficult musical role of a boy who couldn’t walk, he is coming to the project «NucKids» not just to shock the audience but more for meeting interesting and talented people from different countries. He is not alone in it, according to the project participants from Turkey such as Maxim, Idil, Aishe, Berka the project «NucKids» gave them a great chance to gain the professional experience and what is more important a feeling of one big family.

"I came here to learn modern dance, not just theballroom dancing. And I made it. Now I will continue to dance in Turkey, "- said Turkish champion of a ballroom dance Aisha Shaylan.

“The ideology of «NucKids» is creativity, communication, and a strong friendship, which can continue for long” told the author of idea Sergey Novikov.

"It's not a secret that the nuclear industry has a closed city, whose inhabitants are violated in their rights, because they have the restrictions on leaving the country. Their children can’t communicate with persons of the same age from abroad. "Rosatom" implemented a number of projects to correct this injustice such as the «NucKids». The project gives the children a chance to find a lot of new friends. And friends who are met in childhood are the most loyal and reliable. "

According to the author of the project, the chance to make friends will have not only present participants, but also future members of the «Nuclear kids». After the premiere by the lottery it was identified names of three child who will get on «NucKids-2013" in the coming year without selection -  Juliana Mazurina, Ksenia Krivosheina and Marina Andreeva. Others will need to work hard. But the guys are not thinking about it yet, because they are going to have a fascinating tour in Hungary.