18 August 2012
THE MAGIC OF Budapest and "the station OF A DREAM»

The beauty and magic of Budapest, in which members of the project «Nuclear Kids» came, affected the mood of young artists.And in the evening in the capital of Hungarian theater the awesome and powerful play «The Station of a Dream» opened a foreign tour.

"This is a unique project. Our participants haven’t known each other before, and posters with the announcement of their performance have been already in Russia and abroad. Another feature of «NucKids» that they will disperse to their cities and this performance will disappear very soon. Therefore, today you will be the audience of a show that will be never happened again ", - told the audience before the show the author of the project Sergey Novikov.

"Please stop this moment because it is beautiful!" - I wanted to say it to everyone who watched "The Station OF a Dream» in Budapest.  Even members of the team, who have seen the play before, had the feeling that it is the first time when they were watching it.

The impressions of all audience were clear without words. Tears in the eyes of Marina Gabor who is a mother of Hungarian participants Peter Boikova and Tamas Kovacs and all other audience showed that the story of love touched the Hungarian’s hearts.