5 September 2012
The Day of Nuclear Worker

Dear Friends!

As a performance for a Day of nuclear worker will be prepared from the beginning this year, we decided to use this opportunity to invite members of the summer project and some of the participants of previous years, and to look at some of the guys that have never been performed in our team before.

The list of participants:

Bashinov Anatoly

Bogdanov Gleb

Bamburov Stanislav

Belimov Eugene

Kushnareva Valeria

Matveev Eugene

Tarasov Iliya

Shmakova Anna

Shmidt Andrey 

Sherbakova Kristina

Semenova Daria

Popova Eugenia

Melnichenko Eugenia

Kobus Alina

Voskresenskaya Ekaterina

Kostikov Petr

Larin Roman

Borisov Gleb

Nikolaev Aleksandr

Kusnezova Kristina

Razanova Viktoria

Grashkina Vlada

Dudurova Marina

Nikolaeva Daria

Nikolaeva Nataliya

Tashbulatov Vlad

Laktinova Nataliya

Molokanova Nadegda

In case of impossibility to take part in the event please informed us until the 6 of September on contact number or e-mail address pronin@nuckids.ru.

What to take with you:

It is necessarily to take NucKids-2012 shirts, NucKids-2012 jumpers, and NucKids-2012 bandanas. Beyond that- blue jeans or light blue, or any shade of blue (not black), colorful shoes.

Stay tuned to the site. Soon will appear new information about where will be the event and how you will get there.

The contact telephone: +7 985 4270777