25 October 2012
Information about participation in «The Winter Fairytale-2012"

Dear participants of the project "Nuclear Kids"!

The New Year is coming - it means time to start preparing for the winter session of our project - to organize the New Year's performances for children of employees of enterprises of "Rosatom".

To take part in performance can all members of the project who will complete the study early in the second quarter of the school year and receive parental consent.

Meeting of the participants of "the Winter Fairytale" is scheduled for December 16.

From 16 to 25 December will be staged go-rehearsal process in a rest house "Yershovo."

December 26 will be rehearsals in Moscow in the "Theater of the Moon" the place where the performance will be held.

December 27-28 will be four performances!

December 29 participants are going home and will come back in the spring, when traditionally will start the summer elimination round for the project "Nuclear Kids - 2013".

Please note that the consent of your parents should be scanned and sent to the e-mail pronin@nuckids.ru and only on this e-mail. Alternatives (VKontakte, Skype, other addresses) - are not considered.

In consent must be "real" signature of a parent and his contact phone number. All consents are to be tested!

Attention! The number of participants «The Winter Fairytale» is limited. We need only 30 people, so the member list for the winter session of the project will include those who will first meet the conditions of participation.

IMPORTANT: The organizers will cover the meeting of participants, the room, and food and travel expensesthrough the program of the project. Tickets to Moscow and from it must be paid by participants.

Example of consent:

"I, (name, surname) is giving my consent for my child (name, surname) to the participation in the project" The Winter Fairytale ", which is organized by association" Information center of the nuclear industry, "from 16 to 29 December 2012 in Moscow. I confirm that all matters relating to the completion of study in the secondary schools, where my son is studying (my daughter) have been settled.

The travel expenses to Moscow will be paid by me.

Signature.  Full name.  Date.  A contact telephone number (with area code or prefix mobile operator), an e-mail. "

Also in the consent is necessary to specify the actual size, weight and size of child clothes.


You should note that the arrival date in Moscow - December 16, starting at 6:00 pm Moscow time, the departure date from Moscow - December 29, not earlier 10:00.

In case if a child arrives in Moscow before 6:00 pm on December 16 and will be leaving later than December 29 please organize their stay in Moscow outside the program.

Please notice that project organizers have the right to increase the number of participants in the project.

For any question please call on the phone number 

 +7 985 4270777 

See you there!