14 November 2012
Tickets to the project “The Winter fairytale 2012”

Dear children!

Information about the tickets for the members of the project “The winter fairytale”

About the arrival time in Moscow

All members of the project must arrived in Moscow on the 16th of December 2012(Sunday)

I am informing you that we will start meeting you from 06:00 Moscow time. Please take a notice that all responsibility about arrival and spending time in Moscow till 06: 00 on sending person.

About the departure time

At the moment there are still negotiations between organizers and creative teamwork  about the date of the project.  That’s why we are recommending to all participants to take return ticket on 29th of December not early then 12:00 Moscow time.

However But you need to have tickets that can be returned (in a case of a train) or change the time (in a case of airplane) because the closing date is still not decided yet. The final decision will be only after 16th of December on the final step of the project (realization).

If you can stay only till 29th of 2012 please inform us on e-mail address pronin@nuckids.ru и ASTrapeznikova@rosatom.ru.  I am noticing again that it is not a problem of participating in the winter project.