6 January 2015
Winter Fairy Tale 2015

December 23, 2014 Members of the international children's art project "NusKids" gathered to deliver fun New Year’s performance in Moscow. This year it was held at the site of the Cultural Center of the Federal Security Service of Russia in the famous “Lubyanka”. About four thousand people came to see 3 performances in 2 days! Excitement was unreal, we ran out of tickets and organizers puzzled over how to fit everyone.

Now about the touching part, the gathering of artists ... I have often written about how this happens, but every time like the first time. From 6 in the morning until late at night the kids came to Moscow and wait for each other in the hotel. The whole bunch of human feelings breaks out. The hotel staff watching such action did not understand where to call the police or an ambulance. However we are still familiar with the sense of proportion, so after a while we calm down, but not for long. Participants of the project came every hour, and with each new arrival starts all over again.

The next day kids went to the rehearsal room, where they had heavy and persistent rehearsals. After two weeks you need to take to the stage again to give the audience the best New Year gift!

The best gift ... What is it? What or who is hiding behind these words? Anyway, what could be the best gift for everyone? Is it interesting? It is indeed! Christmas story by project «NucKids», which is welcome to visit and do miracles happy - that's the best gift!

 It’s all without a doubt because the threshold of the New Year - this is the most wonderful and the most fabulous time of the year. People can not spend these days without friends and relatives with whom they just need to share the happiness and festive mood!

But in order to become a fairy tale miracle, and the miracle became real, our young actors spare no effort and time to train hard from early morning and till late night. Watching the actors of the project «NucKids» in the rehearsal room, one is struck by how patiently, persistently and purposefully they repeat the same thing. After all, if the artists have not mastered all the difficulties of their role now, coming on the scene, they won’t be able play, without making a single mistake.

Actors of the theater, as a rule, are great workers. It’s necessary to achieve clarity and accuracy of performance of each action of the character, beauty and expressiveness in the rehearsal room. The audience in the theater admiring acting of the young actors will probably say, "God's gift! What a talented child!" However brilliant performance contains a huge number of hours of exhausting work, rivers of sweat and sometimes tears.

So we had our rehearsals, which began the day after the arrival. Children didn’t go out for days, to create a miracle: the New Year's fairy tale project «NucKids». While the guys were preparing for the little miracle, the miracle of their own also not forced to wait long for his appearance.

Happy New Year! Chiming clock! President speech! Salute!!!

Clinking of glasses! Joy! Laughter!!! Participants of the Nuckids spend of the New Year together for the 1st time! Project organizers have prepared a remarkable cultural and entertainment program, titled "An Evening of parodies," and made the evening memorable. Kids have prepared a parody for the famous Russian TV program: project "Tancy" show, "Voice", and many others. This format gave participants the chance of once again showcase their talents, and experience great fun. On «NucKids» participants celebrated in a very special way but the tradition remained: Santa Claus has visited kids!!! He gave a lot of presents that children listed. While Santa Claus flew to his home in Great Ustyug, the guys started dancing, and soon our wonderful New Year's Eve ended white dance, and participants went to sleep, because with the morning comes the continuation of the holiday and they will need a lot of strength and energy.

In the morning, I woke up and kids immediately went to one of the best cinemas in Moscow to catch the premiere of the film, and then went for a walk in the famous “Hunter's Row” shopping center, near the Bolshoi Theater, and many other attractions of the capital. After an exciting day kids were exchanging "gifts" with each other, those gifts were brought from different parts of the country.

The next day the children are back to the usual routine and continued to prepare for the premiere, to which was only 2 days away.

With the huge success premiered Winter fairy tale "The Nutcracker" at the Cultural Center of the FSB of Russia. In just 10 days, under the direction of star teachers, participants of the international children's art project «NucKids» managed to create a new masterpiece.

The premiere took place in an amazing atmosphere. The audience applauded with great enthusiasm, "atomic" artists, who in record time set ninety-minute musical performance with a sophisticated choreography and directing. As soon as the curtain fell, the young actors were not able to resist the flow of their young admirers who wanted to talk and take photos with fantastic characters. Parents also have shared their experiences and gave great feedback to creative team.

But no matter how well it was done, it’s impossible to imagine evening after the premier without discussing the mistakes! The director and the creative team once again congratulated kids with success and have made adjustments to some work of artists. After the premiere, the guys played two of the promised performance.

But it's better to stay there in the distant future. Again, the first days of the project, the first gatherings and rehearsals ... These days all will leave a mark in our hearts. During the farewell party, our single mechanism «NucKids» slowly began to crumble: each of us has lost a part of himself - left Sevilla, as we affectionately call her Seva. However, as promised, during Winter's Fairy Tale there are two members selected by the creative team to participate in the «NucKids 2015" without competition. Those lucky guys are Varbara Rodnova and Vassily Bogdanov. After this news the kids gave way to tears of joy and everyone else too!

In the morning, the same thing happened, but exactly the opposite. From 6 in the morning until late at night the guys were leaving Moscow, and said goodbye to each other in the hotel. Parting until next year, guys talked through tears. Anyway it will all be back, in summer session of «NucKids 2015"!

Andrew Korchukov, specially for www.nuckids.ru