16 June 2015

Dear friends!

Before our meeting is a little more than two weeks. Many of you have already got tickets to trains and planes to St. Petersburg. To arrange a fitting welcome of all the participants of the NucKids 2015 we need information about your arrival.

Therefore, in the period up to June 24 on the e-mail address PVPronin@rosatom.ru  inform the following:

1. Last name, first name and middle name of the participant

2. City of residence

3. Way of arrival (air, rail, or on your own)

4. Airport (railway station) of arrival. If it is air transport, enter the terminal number.

5. Aircraft flight number (train number)

6. Date of arrival

7. Time of arrival

8. Number of wagon (for arriving by train)

9. Contact telephone number, which will work at the time of arrival.

10. Surname and name of accompanying person (if any)

11. Contact telephone of accompanying person

If you find it easier to get yourself (you live in or near the Leningrad region), please contact us to clarify the time and place of arrival.

Meeting technology is simple: you arrive at the airport (at the station). At the exit of the arrival hall you will see a specially trained person with NUCKIDS sign. Be oriented on them.

If "Airlines support" service is ordered, please contact us before departure by phone +7 985 427 0777, to clarify who exactly will meet you at the airport and give us his passport data.

If you came out of the arrival hall and you will not meet anybody - please do not worry and stay where you are. Our people are sure to come. It is much easier to find you in advance of these places and do not run around the airport (or train station). If you have not met by anybody – call +7 985 4270777. This is Pavel Pronin’s phone, who will coordinate the meeting process. Call us and we'll find you.