29 June 2015

Dear friends!

We are pleased that our meeting is not far off. All of you will meet people with signs NUCLEAR KIDS (and painted logos) at the arrival points. Look around for them :-)

Please remember the following:

1. At the railway stations of St. Petersburg you will be met by a group led by Natalia Laktionova. Her phone number: +7 929 5898071

2. At the "Pulkovo" airport  you will meet a group led by Pavel Pronin. His phone number: +7 985 4270777

3. Directly at the "Repino Cronwell Park" hotel you will meet Nadezhda Molokanova. Her phone number: +7 903 0953075

If you have any questions about the arrival (you have not met or something else) - contact directly depending on the way of arrival. For all other questions, as always, telephone +7 985 4270777, Pavel.