12 July 2016
Rehearsals begin

Recently on the project Nuskids passed internal auditions for the leading roles. That means it's time to go to the most challenging and important part of the project –rehearsals of the future musical.

Traditionally, introduction with new musical begins with readings of the script. This is the time when children understand the motivation of the characters, the promise and the main idea of the musical. At the first group reading of the script the project participants trying themselves in different roles, and trying to realize which one suits them more. Plus, the script is filled with all sorts of fantasies and fictions of teenagers, so reading it was very fun and interesting!

- Introduction to the script went great! We tried ourselves in different roles. The director immediately offered me and sister roles of two cloned girls. We hope that we will cope with this role!

- Script reading was a new format for us. The hall was filled with tension, all the legs were shaking, and all because the kids understand - the competition is big.

-We knew immediately that the director is very experienced and smart man! He advised us that we listened to the script readings of other guys, so we can better understand the character. After all there are so many different and talented kids so everyone have a lot to learn! During the reading we have learned some very important things, especially listening to other project participants and the way they read certain roles and pass them through.

-After overall reading of the script it has become much clearer and easier. We didn’t even have any new questions! The performance will be a very interesting and dynamic one. There are a lot of room for our fantasies and imagination! We look forward to the rehearsals!

Tatarenko Irina and Marina, 16 years, Kurchatov

Scenario - is the foundation and future of the musical and it is important that each of the project participants realized the problems that it contains. It’s very important that actor told the audience and made them think about these problems.

As for now, roles are distributed, everyone read and understood the script, and it’s time to start rehearsing. Pavel Safonov, the project director, at the first rehearsal gathered children, performing leading roles, because it is up to them to keep the whole story. For the director it was very important to tell the children about the nature of their characters, their relationships, their inner world and experiences.

"I really enjoy working with our director. I really like the way he thinks, it's very unusual. When I read the script, I imagined it quite differently. Not like our director, but I think his vision is the right one. Today, we just sat down at the table together with the guys and with Paul and tried to reveal our characters. I think it will play into our hands, when we speak from the stage. "

Mara Dominic, 16 y.o. , Chelyabinsk

Work on the musical gaining momentum. Very soon we will see a new, exciting and entertaining performance!