13 July 2016
Rope test

What expectations do participants of Nuckids project have? Obviously, some of them want to get main roles, develop their creative skills or learn from professional teachers. Anyway, everyone want to make a lot of new friends!

The next question is how to combine 70 people and make a real team.  This is necessary in order to create original and professional musical. Solving this case our counselors held a «Rope competition» second year in a row.

"Rope Competition is always aimed at team building and is always held at the beginning of the project in order to unite kids and develop their team work skills and to prepare for further focus on the peaceful existence on the project!"

Nemkov Pavel

Rope competition consists of several tasks of different complexity, which children should complete in the group. These tasks are specially selected so that the project participants were able to feel each other, to realize that they can trust and help their comrades. To make sure, children will not be bored in rope competition, there is also an element of competition!

"Impressions from the rope competition are the brightest! We truly united with guys on my team! Completing all the tasks we were worried about each other! Most vivid emotions were at the task called "Electrical circuit". Its essence lies in the fact that all members of the group had to climb over the high bar, and we had to be holding hands at all times! In general, I have received tons of ​​emotions! It was very fun and exciting! "

Kupcova Uliya, 13 y.o., Angarsk

NucKids project is international. Therefore Rope Competition also helped our foreign friends from Hungary, Czech Republic, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, Vietnam and feel like a part of the team. The tasks in the competition are chosen so they can be completed in silence using intuition, and each other’s senses.

"I believe that this quest was fun, interesting, and fun! That's because everything from children themselves and finishing jobs, it was great! More then that, all of these tasks helped us feel like the team! Through this training, I made a lot of friends, including guys from Bangladesh, Vietnam, Czech Republic and, of course, Russia! "

Rozhai Dominkosh, 14 y.o.,  Hungary

There is no accident that rope competition is held at the beginning of the project. To perform better all children need to feel the support of each other! After all, if there is no team, there will be no play as such. The union of guys from different cities and countries is the main objective of the project NuclearKids!

Lev Suslov