15 July 2016
Local Sherlock Holms and Doctor Watson

What is the typical Nuclearkids day looks like? At the beginning of the day children get energized by active supervisors on physical drill, then goes breakfast and after that- fruitful rehearsals which can last sometimes until late evening. However, one of the integral parts of the day are acting skill classes with our tutors Alexander Nikolaev and Dmitri Simonov.

Dima and Sasha, as they call them all participants of the project, study in the Russian University of Theatre Arts.  Guys used to participate in the project also (Dima in Nuckids 2009 and Nuckids 2010, Sasha in Nuckids 2011 and Nuckids 2012). Now they teach new participants some useful skills.

What is the most important while working with kids?

Sasha Nikolaev: No doubt, it is essential to show kids that you are interested in what you are doing and trying to give them. Because it the feel your tiredness (which you can’t avoid) they don’t do their best. Yet, if they see your passion for teaching process they will be involved in process like you.

Dima Simonov: Both mentors and participants should feel euphoria of what they do. This involvement must be mutual.

Does it help with kids that you were participants also?

Sasha Nikolaev: Frankly speaking, it helps me out in a way that I remember what I was lack of while being participant so that I know how to fix it now.

Dima Simonov: It helps not during rehearsals but mostly while simply talking to kids. It seams that we know exactly what they need to gain from the project. Thus, we can give some pieces of advise and draw their attention to that.

Sasha Nikolaev: Since 2011 I know that I have to work really hard.

Dima Simonov: We remember what we were lack of while being kids and now we try to give them that.

While classes you feel and behave yourself more like tutors or friends with participants?

Sasha Nikolaev: I always work as tutor notwithstanding with how difficult that is.  I try not to pick my favorite kids and the one I don’t like. I try to open up everyone. If I didn’t do this there would be no special connection of mentor and mentee. Without this connection they don’t see the person who can give them something. However, outside the classroom we can talk as friends.

What is the main aim of your classes?

Sasha Nikolaev: There is no one particular mission but several goals. Firstly, we try to make one team. Thanks to our rehearsals everyone can speak- Russian and foreigners, kids and adults. Secondly, we try to cultivate basic emotions in them. Thirdly, we develop in them the qualities no performance is possible. Such as attention, involvement, etc.

Dima Simonov: We try to teach them love themselves so that they could accept the person they were born, the real them.  

Sasha Nikolaev: We all are closed and fulfilled with complexes by nature. During our classes we try to break these walls. We do our best to open up our kids and understand who they are. Sometimes we have to show it to them.

Dima Simonov: It does not matter whether they want to become artists or engineers in twenty days they all have to go to the stage. And in that particular moment they will be exactly artists. They will have to be opened as much as having all the skills we develop in them.

Do participants also teach you in any way?

Sasha Nikolaev: Of course they do. This is non describable, something inside our minds. I feel that their energy, power and knowledge energize me. After each class I feel renovated! Sometimes I think Dima and I are vampires because we get even more than give.

Dima Simonov: It seems thatsome participants have even more energy than I give them. They are the one who can teach me something. I was surprised with their knowledge and self-consciousness. And we try to guide them, show the right way to apply this.

Suslov Lev.