18 July 2016
Let’s look at some palaces!

What do you need to create the original and professional musical? Any of our project participant can answer to this question. We need a lot of work! If we look at the daily routine of children, we see that they work like grownups every day. However, all should have the time to rest! That is why, for the emotional and physical unloading of all participants we went on an excursion to Pavlovsk and Pushkin.

 Sunday. 10 a.m. all participants have a healthy breakfast are wait for an instructions. It would seem like a normal working day. Traditionally, kids have to tell their plan for the day and go to their teachers for classes and rehearsals. But today is not that kind of day. Today, all participants have a day off! Today, we go on a trip!

 Every kid from the project is going on a bus. Each dressed in T-shirts with the logos of the project NucKids and the State Corporation "Rosatom". The road is going to be difficult. In one day, the boys have to visit Pavlovsk Palace, Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum and Catherine Palace. That is why everyone in possession of a bottle of water and branded inflatable cushion to be able to take a nap for an hour or two during the journey.


First stop is Pavlovsk Palace. This architectural masterpiece struck with its beauty and magnificence. The first thing you notice when inspecting the complex, it is, of course, the size - of the palace, as well as Pavlovsk park adjacent to it. It has an area of ​​about 600 hectares! The interior of the Pavlovsk Palace has not left anyone indifferent. Emperor Paul the Ist filled it with a variety of sculptures, paintings, tapestries and frescos, which he brought back from his trips all around Europe. Our children have the opportunity to witness all these masterpieces.

- I really liked it! - Says Pavel Pavlyuk from Volgodonsk. – The most thing I like was the huge golden chair, it is probably the throne some! I would like this to sit down and not get up for ages!

- I really liked the bed in one of the bedrooms of the castle! - Adds Iwashko Alena from Belarus.

- Yes ! Me too! I even took a picture with it on the background! -  says Varya Rodnova from Sosnovy Bor.

 A lot of kids palace not as much as park that surrounds it and covers an incredible space. For example, Sonia Polzunova was amazed by the Pavlovsk Garden:

"I really liked the Garden! I didn’t even know that park around the palace can be as much interesting! It was just simply amazing! "


 Another stop for our travelers became Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum.  Alexander Pushkin has spent here his youth. And now the project participants NucKids was lucky enough to visit this unforgettable place. They learned that Pushkin was strong in poetry, fencing and French language, as well as many other interesting facts from the life of high school students.

- I remember that high school students sit at their desks, depending on their performance! - Said Varya Rodnova. – Pushkin during Russian and French language lessons sat in the front row, but the math - at last! The grades were unusual! 1 - was excellent, and 4 - this is very bad. I think that our evaluation is much more convenient.

- It was very interesting to me! Before the trip I did not know that Pushkin studied at the Lyceum! But now I know what subjects he studied, and what he has been successful at. I learn a lot of interesting facts about the greatest poet! - Says Alain Iwashko.

- And I remember his room, the place where he lived! - Adds Kosenkov Daria. - He lived next to his friend - Pushchin.

- As for me, I remembered the dinner! It was very tasty! Especially the soup! And the interior is very nice! - Sonia completes Polzunova


Excursion trip to the Catherine Palace was complete. You cannot visit St. Petersburg and not visit this magnificent monument of architecture. Huge rooms, decorated in gold, large living rooms and, of course, famous Russian Amber Room . This is only a small part of what the guys were able to see during the tour. All participants in the project so pleased with the palace, they did not hesitate to decide to take a picture with Catherine Palace on the background!

- I liked the Catherine Palace the most! - Says Ilya Bondarenko. – It’s not like Pavlovsky palace, but a full-bodied, bright and interesting!

- Catherine Palace - is a different story altogether. - Adds Varia Rodnova. - Firstly, there is the very famous Amber Room. Secondly, I liked the tour format. We went with headphones, in which we could hear the guide. So we could go at your own pace and stop at favorite places.

- In the palace I really liked great dance hall. - Says Julia Kuptsova from Angarsk. - He gave me the biggest impression. I would very much like to dance here myself.

On this day, the project participants learned a lot about Pavlovsk, Pushkin and the history of our state. The guys came back a little tired, but happy and full of new knowledge. We all had a good rest, which means that you can re-start the rehearsals. After all, premiere is very soon.