16 July 2018
diaries project NucKids 2018

Dear friends, we always trying to diversify the content to you, our dear readers, it was interesting and informative. Meet new format – diaries project NucKids 2018. With their help you will learn how are normal working weekdays our atomic artists. Without bills and embellishment. Life – like she is!

"Our day passed just super! We together played the game "Helicopter". The essence of the game was to find out of our group leader. They told me some interesting and funny story of my life, but we stayed only wonder. For example, my group leader Oleg Golikov have traveled with his family half of America! Or here, Danya Usov once managed to sleep on the beach. Very cool when it turns out to know our team leaders, our older sisters and brothers at the time of the project closer".

Eva Goryunova, 11 years, Angarsk

"Yesterday was some very loaded. Was another casting on the main role. I had one of THE main role – Angel. I have there even words-that no, but samples still was. My character whole scene sitting, and then gets up and carries on the hands of the main character. And that's what I gave the job our teacher at the acting skills Sasha Nikolaev –to come up with a plan of all of the day, the routine my Angel. I am very responsibly came to this issue, all night sat and up. But he my casting was that I had to raise the main character, Lomonosov, on hand. Called Danya Gnezdilov, I raised, and they said, "All! Super! The role – your!" I imagine it's a little not represented, but still'm glad I got the role".

Roman Usov, 16 years, Angarsk

"This day I remember that we finally finished to do the first dance room with our choreographer Max. This is the first room in the musical, that is it happens when the curtain open. In this room we a little go crazy. We do such a beautiful pair of cords. Dance turned out very cool. But from Max other and not expect. He is very positive people, very fun and joyful. He somehow very quickly born ideas dancing. Here he only has brought music, and through 10-15 minutes we already starting to do our history. So I also want!"

Sveta Tolstuhina, 13 years, Angarsk

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