18 July 2018
Diaries project

Continue to introduce you with work everyday life of the participants of the project NucKids. Without bills and embellishment. Life – like it is!

"It was a new and interesting day for me. Today I tried muse in the role of team leader. It’s not a secret they I’m not the first time on the project and I’m thinking that I would be a beautiful team leader or volunteer next year. And this day helps me to understand whether you are looking for this mission, whether you cope with that. It was necessary to play with the guys in the game, to organize them, constantly to follow them. Besides, I stood at the heart of the senior the squad, so my boys steel my closest friends. In general, after this day I started more to understand and respect of our team leaders. So they are the real heroes!"

Anna Zhivotovskaya, 15 years, g. Nizhny Novgorod

"Well, what to say about this day? I think he passed just gorgeous! We have finally started rehearsal, which we waited so long. And they were very interesting! After all under the leadership of director and teachers at the stage of speech we already lit a few scenes. Gave, so to say, the beginning of the musical. It's all done insanely interesting because the director may in one a moment to change its decision about the script or some of conduct actors at the site. Very interesting to watch him during the creative process! Even if you're a backup and just look like play your comrades, you still something learn. And it's cool!"

Andrew Smirnov, 15 years, Snezhinsk

"Today was so busy day! Especially remember vocal rehearsal. We were dismantled new songs from our musical. For example, there is a song that sounds, when the story of the play the heroine shoots in your enemy. There unfolds real music duel! It sounds very great! And yet we today with the director was dissolved the scene of the accident. She's one of the first in our musical. It busy a lot of actors: in addition to the main character, still a bunch of forensic, investigators, doctors. In general, she almost mass. But despite the complexity, we still have put, and I am very happy with the result!"

Anton Titov, 16 years, Zarechnyy

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