8 July 2019
Acting Contest

By tradition the inside casting is rounded up by the acting contest.

Everyone was welcome to participate in the first rounds of the competition, but only those who responded to the challenge of the MCs deserved to stay until the last round. For the first time in the history of the project old-timers were selected to be the presenters and task managers of the contest. These were Varvara Rodnova and Oliver Mara.

"Since I am a veteran of the Nuckids project, I have participated in the AC many times. This year I was offered to organize the competition and be its presenter. For me it is a new and cool experience. But at first it was difficult for me not to participate, I was a little jealous, but then I realized that looking at new guys was insanely exciting", - says Varvara Rodnova, Sosnovy Bor, Russia.

AC seems to be simple and easy-to-handle. Participants are given tasks to “transform” into animals or objects, to read well-known children’s rhymes as would a fireman, a Bohemian stylist, a plumber etc. The main goal of the AC is to find out how much lifelike and, most importantly, quickly the participants are able to “transform”. Acting Contest consists of four rounds and determines three winners. However, this year the podium was taken by six winners: 2 first places, 2 second places and 2 third places.

How exactly did it go?

They stood in the circle and then started moving clockwise and portrayed different living creatures: insects, reptiles, mammals, birds, and even fish. For each portrayal they were given only one and a half minutes. At the end of the round, the expert jury made a tough selection for the second, more complex round – presenting household appliances. Microwaves and blenders, toothbrushes and forceps for lashes – those are a few objects that all the participants had to “transformed into”.

In the third round various professions were represented. Each participant had to take turns to recite a famous Russian poem about a swinging bull acting as a dentist or a farmer.

"The most difficult thing in this competition was to “adopt” the profession in such a way that it would be funny and everyone would understand the joke. As I was first to perform, I had little time to think, so I decided to improvise. Hope it was funny," - Matthew Eidelstein, Nizhny Novgorod.

The fourth and final round was a parody. The participants had to transform into popstar of the Russian or world stage and perform their song. Leonid Agutin, Dima Bilan, Svetlana Loboda, Christina Aguilera and Bollywood stars shone on Nuckids stage yesterday.

At the end of the competition, the winners received memorable prizes, while all the participants received positive emotions! At the end of the AC, the anthem of the project was played and everyone danced.

Articles about the process of staging our musical and classes with our teachers, see our next release. Nuckids in touch!

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