8 August 2019
August, 8

August, 8

The Nuckids have already spent almost 4 days in the resort district of St. Petersburg called Repino, as well as at Sosnovy Bor where they had two successful shows. Tomorrow the musical will be shown in St. Petersburg in the Bryantsev Theatre. Everyone is welcome to come to the show!

In Repino the children managed to go to the Gulf of Finland a few times as well as to play, to breathe sea air and to carry out group meetings on the coast. Nobody swam in cold water or got sick, moms, please do not worry.

In the hall of the Baltiets hotel both casts – junior and senior – have been rehearsing scenes with the director and choreographer, revewing songs with a vocals teacher. They have been working non-stop with breaks for meals and sleep.

Tonight will be one of the most favorite evenings on the project – Mr. and Miss NucKids contest. In boy and girl pairs, the participants will compete in front of the judges, they will sing a lot and have fun. More details are coming in the next issue!