I am quite passionate about my future profession – I would like to become a gene engineer and I dream about this career in science since I first asked my father a question: “why horses do not have wings?” So, my favorite school subjects are biology, physics and Russian literature. My hobbies are quite diverse – for 7 years, I practiced dancing in Sunrise dance studio in Almaty and we did many concerts at various city events. Unfortunately, my current school schedule does not allow me to continue dancing on a regular basis. Same is about my practicing in aikido – I try to keep training, but not as regularly as I would like to. Two last summers I spent in a kid’s military camp where airborne troops professionals trained us in army special forces manner. Also, I am passionate about painting and handcraft arts – I like making small souvenirs. I learn playing a guitar and the flute (but I can only play a couple of things with these instruments yet). With my friends at school we recently tried to make up a science fiction movie project – we wrote a scenario (Starwars style), dressed up as artists, filmed about 25 scenes, edited the recordings and added up special effects using computer software – it was fun… And I read books. My friends are obviously the people I met in my life at school, sports and social activities. My oldest friend is a boy whom I know for ages; he is reliable in any respect as a true friend. Another old best friend is my former groupmate from the kindergarten – we live now far from each other, go to different schools, but still meet each other several times a year.